A new Paris Portrait by Alicia Meshulam ’23! Alicia wrote the portrait at the end of the Spring 2022 semester, and she shared some of her favorite parts of her time studying in France.

“Bonjour à tous ! My name is Alicia Meshulam and I am a biochemistry and French double major at Bates College.

Studying in Paris has been everything I wanted it to be and more. I love how dynamic Paris as a city is and that every day feels unique and like a new adventure. Here I’ve been able to discover different parks and neighborhoods.

If there’s one aspect of Paris that I’ve been taking advantage of, its definitely the art culture scene. There are so many museums that I’ve discovered since being here, and there is always a new exhibition to check out. I try to go to a new museum or exhibition at least once a week because it’s just a great way to learn in a way that’s engaging and personal to you.

Additionally, I’ve also been taking a pastel/watercolor class in my free time! At first I was a little nervous because I hadn’t taken any sort of art class before this, but now it’s one of the things I look forward to every week. It’s nice because it’s something that I do for myself. Since I’m not the best at art, it’s forced me to really enjoy the process and experiment. Not only is it super rewarding to do something that’s new and unfamiliar to me, but as a bonus it’s added a new perspective for when I see art in museums.

I can’t believe that the semester is ending so soon, and I am not at all ready to leave. Countless ups and maybe a couple downs, but nonetheless an incredible and unforgettable experience!”

[Photo courtesy of Alicia Meshulam]