A few weeks ago, we were thrilled to welcome our new group of students for the spring semester. They have joined the annual students who have been here since September, and now they already know each other pretty well.

The first weeks of Hamilton in France are dedicated to learning about life in Paris through a variety of visits, introduction meetings and classes. This is also a time for students to prepare academically for their semester in Paris.

A great way of discovering the centre of Paris is by going on boat cruise on the Seine. So we faced the cold and went on the boat to admire the architectural gems that you can see from the Seine.

Another place we visited later during was Versailles. With the city travel pass, it is super easy to get there, and it’s free. Students in Paris usually appreciate the immense choice they have when they want to visit such historical places.

Then, after two weeks of orientation, it was time to start classes. At Hamilton in France, students take classes within our program at Reid Hall and at the Parisian universities, and these first classes are always a special moment. Here are some photos taken in a phonetics class during the first week.

So, we wish all Hamilton students good luck for the spring semester! Studying in Paris is a new chapter in thier lives, and we are happy to be alongside them during this new experience.