Hamilton in France is taking a summer break, so we will be away from the blog for a little while. But before, we would like to share these 10 photos from this past year. It was a real real pleasure to spend all this time with our students, and to accompany them during this academic, cultural and personal experience. À très bientôt !

1 - Biarritz
Orientation in Biarritz
2 - Excursion in the Loire Valley
Excursion in the Loire Valley
3 - Excursion in Avignon
Excursion in Avignon
4 - On the way back to Paris
On the way back to Paris
5 - Strasbourg
6 - Le Château de Fontainebleau
Le Château de Fontainebleau
7 - Excursion in Reims
Excursion in Reims
8 - A class with Hamilton in France
A class at Hamilton in France
9 - Excursion in Marseille
Excursion in Marseille
10 - Nantes
Excursion in Nantes