Toward the beginning of her spring semester, Haruna ’21 did an internship as a community manager with a language school based in Paris. In this article, she describes this professional and cultural experience.

During my spring semester in Paris, I spent about 2 months interning at a language school called Angelio Academia. As a member of the community management team, I wrote educational and lighthearted articles about the English language for the school’s official blog and LinkedIn account. I also brainstormed ideas for social media content with other Angelio Academia interns. My internship experience gave me insight into writing for a social media platform, through which I learned what content attracts social media users’ attention. It also allowed me to interact with interns around my age at a French workplace. I enjoyed the creative freedom and collaborative nature of the internship because everyone was friendly and willing to help each other out.

The highlight of my internship was when the other interns and I spent one week at a studio filming informational videos to post on Facebook. This week was memorable because we filmed all of the scheduled videos and made creative adjustments on our own through frequent discussions in French. I felt the responsibility of this assignment, not least because filming in a studio was a new experience for me. The internship was a fun and challenging way to discover a different aspect of Paris, and I am very grateful for this experience.