Welcome meetings, Paris and university tours, classes, movies, pastries and crêpes—this is all part of orientation for the new Hamilton in France students who are here for the Spring semester. Here are a few snapshots from their two first weeks in France, before they head to classes at Paris universities and Reid Hall, home to our program.

At the end of the first week, we went on a cruise boat down the Seine. We love these tours as they offer a unique point of view to see some of Paris’ most famous monuments, such as this one:

Bateaux Mouches

In the middle of the second week, we went on two tours around the theme of street art. Here are some photos from one tour in the Belleville neighborhood.

And some photos from the cute neighborhood of la Butte aux Cailles, in the 13th arrondissement.

Orientation aims to help students to better understand the city, French culture and the French university system, so they can be all prepared to start their semester in Paris!