Study trip in southern Provence

This time, the train in Paris took the Hamilton in France students to southern Provence… In the small city of La Ciotat, we got to visit the world’s oldest active movie theater. In Marseille, we went to the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations. And we found a beautiful view of Marseille from the heights of the Calanques National Park.


Art, Architecture and History

Learning about the life of Louis XIV in the Château de Versailles, about the birth of cubism in the Picasso Museum, or visiting the old and beautiful covered passages… orientation is a way to dive in the culture and history of Paris.

Orientation week

Welcome to the group of students who came to study in Paris for the spring semester! Orientation week started with a few meetings and classes, and several university tours. It is a little cold outside now, but it is warm and cozy inside the Parisian crêperies…

À bientôt !

It is now time to fly back home for the Hamilton in France students who stayed for the fall semester. They might inadvertently use “merci” instead of “thank you” and “de rien” instead of “you’re welcome” at first when they arrive, but that’s only because they have been thinking in French for a few months!
As the end of the semester has come, we share a few photos from the last excursion, a one-day trip in the city of Metz.
We wish you all a wonderful holiday season 🎄🎉